Feed Commodities

canola leaf

Animal Feed Commodities

leaf of canola

HST Ltd. sources directly from processors a broad range of
items for the animal feed and pet-food industries. This ranges from fish food to feed pellets, from grade molasses feed to rapeseed meal. Animal care is highly reliant on feed that provides a well-balanced diet. It’s a crucial component of livestock farming. It is often the most expensive part of the process.


We are an eminent distributor of Cattle Feed Grains and Animal Feed Grains to our esteemed customers from all over the world. We cater primarily to a few of the big feed and wet-milling industries.

canola feed

Canola Feed

Canola feed has been shown to support high levels of productivity in livestock species. This is due to its high protein content and exceptional amino acid profile. Our Canola Feed is easily digestible and palatable, making it an excellent substitute for other vegetable proteins in all livestock diets.

yellow corn


We export and provide the highest quality Yellow Corn or Maize to customers worldwide. We offer the top standard and hygienic animal feed grains.

Flax Seeds

FlaX Feed

Flaxseed has been used as food and animal feed in Europe, Asia, and Africa for thousands of years, and much more recently in the United states and Canada. To improve digestibility, simple stomached and ruminant animals such as pigs and dairy cows must be fed ground flaxseed. Buy our Flax Feed to improve your livestock’s metabolism.

Wheat feed

Wheat Feed

Our feed-grade wheat is a nutritious, digestible dietary staple. This can be used in beef cattle diets when fed carefully to prevent digestive upsets. We provide the finest quality wheat feed for your animals.

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